Melbourne to Adelaide (12) – Kangaroo Island (5)

Saturday 27/01

Vlog by Florence: see below.


By me:

We (Ludivine, Jules and I) start the day by taking a dip in the ocean; there are unfortunately many algae this morning.

We are not in a hurry this morning. We leave the camping at 11:30am.

We go to Little Sahara, to do sandboarding; it’s on the way to Penneshaw, near Seal Bay. It’s a system of naturally occurring coastal blow out dunes roughly covering 2 km2. The dunes vary in size with plenty of small dunes and the highest dune is approximately 70 metres above sea level. We rent 1 sand board and 2 toboggans. It’s fun but the temperature is much too high today (38C). There’s no shade and the sand is burning our feet. Kids enjoy. But we are all exhausted after one hour.

We then stop at the superb beach of Pennington Bay, for a very nice swim. Waves are great. There’s a strong current drifting us away from the beach; it’s quite tough to come back. It’s one of the favourite beaches of the kids. We unfortunately can’t stay too long. The ferry back to mainland leaves (from Penneshaw) at 4:30pm.

Isabelle finds a place on the way where we can take a shower. We also eat our lunch (toasts) there. We are a bit in a hurry.

We arrive in Penneshaw a bit after 4pm, just in time for check-in the camper into the ferry. Not straightforward to put the camper in reverse on this ferry…

One-hour crossing, with a dictation for the kids.

We enjoyed very much our stay on Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island’s scenery is breathtaking; we travelled through bushland to beaches, over rolling hills and around rocky cliffs. The views are stunning, the waters crystal-clear and the wildlife abundant. It was great to observe the native animals in their natural environment.

We drive (from Cape Jervis), passing through picturesque countryside. We also see the vineyards of the McLaren Vale, which offers nice landscape. The towns we go through are sleepy; everything is closed while it’s Saturday evening.

We stop around 8pm, at a camping in Mount Barker, which we hadn’t booked.

We eat a salad (with leftovers).

I work until 1:30am.



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