Japan – Summary

First of all, our list of the words symbolizing our 25-day stay in Japan: Heated washlet (bidet toilet), fake food, contemporary art (Yayoi Kusama, Naoshima... Read more

Tokyo (9)

Tuesday 07/11 We wake up before 2 am to go and try to attend the tuna auction at the Tsukiji Market, without the kids of... Read more

Tokyo (8)

Monday 06/11 Our usual ‘tokyoite’ programme this morning: homeschooling, preparation of the programme of the day, walk to the bakery and preparation of a tasty... Read more

Tokyo (7)

Sunday 05/11 By Florence: This morning we woke up at 8 am. We ate breakfast (cereals and fruits) and then we started working. We worked... Read more

Tokyo (6)

Saturday 04/11 It’s a day off for the kids. Isabelle and I go and walk in Aoyama and Omote-sando districts. We went to Omote-sando on... Read more

Tokyo (4)

Thursday 02/11 By Isabelle: On se réveille comme d’habitude, un peu avant 8h, pour commencer à travailler vers 9h après avoir pris le petit déjeuner et... Read more

Tokyo (3)

Wednesday 01/11 By Jules: Hier, on s’est réveillé, et puis on a mangé des Kellogg’s, puis on a travaillé pour 3h, puis Papa a gentiment... Read more