Hong Kong (1)

Friday 13/10 (2/2) Our hotel (The Bauhinia) is located at 500m from the ferries termainals, in Central, on Des Voeux street, where the double-deck trams... Read more

Shenzhen (2)

Wednesday 11/10 Wake up quite early, at 7:30am. Short night, moreover interrupted by the cries of Florence who is sick and has a headache. We... Read more

Shenzhen (1)

Tuesday 10/10 We wake up 15′ before the arrival of the train in Shenzhen (at 6:30am), which is the terminal station. We go by metro... Read more

Shanghai (7)

Sunday 08/10 Isabelle goes to St Ignatius Cathedral, by bike; nice ride through the French Concession. The cathedral is unfortunately closed, for renovation. It’s strange... Read more