First visit


We are a Belgian family of 5 (our 3 kids will be 10, 12 & 14 at the time of the trip). We’ve been living abroad since the birth of our children, and we are planning to come back and live in Belgium, in Brussels.
But before, we want to live our dream: discover the world with our children. We are leaving Saudi Arabia in July 2017 for a one-year world tour.

To prevent our world tour from being “just” a collection of postcard-like photos, we will try to Do rather than just See, around a common theme: prepare our children for the world of tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s world, a vast subject …
We would love this trip to be exciting, joyful, stimulating, inspiring, sustainable, “citizen” and that it makes us dream.
That’s the reason why we will try, in every country, to meet local people, to live genuine experiences, to participate in projects leading to a better future (such as wwoofing, sustainable projects…).
Did you go to any of the countries we plan to visit or, even better, do you currently live there? Do you have any ideas for such enlightening activities in line with our theme? Please help us and share them here!

Where are we going to? When are we leaving? Which projects did we already plan? How are we going to do for kids schooling? Find out more by following the links.

We invite you to follow us in our adventure (see on the side). We’ll try to post regular updates.

See you soon!


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