Tokyo (6)

Saturday 04/11

It’s a day off for the kids.

Isabelle and I go and walk in Aoyama and Omote-sando districts. We went to Omote-sando on our first day in Tokyo; we want to see the South part of the street.

We go there on foot, passing by Shibuya Crossing.

We stop at the (weekend) Farmers’ Market @UNU, with colourful produce and a dozen food trucks.

We go and see the flowers shop of Nicolai Bergman, in Aoyama. Bergmann is a florist from Denmark who is known for his contemporary flower arrangements. He creates a new and innovative way of displaying flowers, in boxes, which is also a more convenient gift idea than bouquets. There is a cafe inside of his beautiful flagship store.

We also enter the Prada Aoyama shop, designed by the Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron. It is one of the most distinctive works of architecture in Tokyo. What a beautiful building! It’s a kind of convex glass fishbowl.

Isabelle goes back home while I continue a bit. I go and see Cibone Design Store, a nice homeware shop.

I then walk Omote-sando and the nice pedestrian Cat street.

I walk back home.

I prepare pasta at home.

It was a rather quiet day.

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