Melbourne to Adelaide (11) – Kangaroo Island (4)

Friday 26/01

Vlog by Ludivine: see below.


By me:

Wake up at 8am (with alarm clock).

We leave at 10am.

Direction Vivonne Bay, where we’ll spend the night in a “wild” camping (not much difference with the normal one since there is hot shower and power; only water for filling the water tank is not available).

We first stop to do the ‘koala walk’. We see more than 20 koalas. Not always easy to spot but fun. Still frustrating for the pictures though.

We go and see the beach in Hanson Bay, rapidly.

We go to the lighthouse of Vivonne Bay, where we prepare our lunch. We eat our salad in the camper (too much sun and too much wind outside), in front of a beautiful view (the colour of the sea is stunning).

We go onto the jetty, from where we jump in the ocean. The wind is cold (and the sea not very warm…).

Since there is no reservation in our camping site of tonight, we stop there to drop a table and 4 chairs in a powered spot and we pay (in a park meter, like in the cities).

We go to Bales Beach. As recommended by Alexis, we walk to the right side of the beach. He said that there was a nice arch (quite photogenic) and that they even saw 2 sea lions on the beach. Unfortunately, it’s high tide (and it’s going up) so we have to walk into the sea to reach the end of the beach. And there, we also see one sea lion. It’s great to see such creature like that, on the wild, resting on the beach. We approach him carefully but rather close (5 m).

We enjoy a bit this beautiful (and empty) beach till 5:30pm.

We come back to our camping site around 6pm.

We take a shower and then chill a bit. Isabelle works a bit with the kids (‘dictation’) while I prepare pasta for dinner.

We eat outside. The weather is nice. As desert, we have the frozen Maltesers (with dark chocolate): we left the pack on the dashboard of the car to melt the contents of the package and then put it in the freezer. It’s Florence’s idea and it’s quite good (we did it also with m&m’s but I’m not as much enthusiastic).

Girls read in their bed (they sleep ‘upstairs’, together, tonight) while Isabelle reads ‘Ewilan’ with Jules.

Then Isabelle and I work outside till midnight; Isabelle works on the budget of our trip, segregating our expenses since the beginning into different categories, while I select the pictures of these last 4 days on Kangaroo Island (I did again more than 500 photos in the last 2 days…).


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