Melbourne to Adelaide (10) – Kangaroo Island (3)

Thursday 25/01

Vlog by Isabelle: see below.


By me:

We wake up around 9am.

Quick breakfast (no fruit; only yoghurt and cereals) and we go back to Flinders Chase NP. We want to be there before 10:30am since there is a cruise ship that berthed on the island and its passengers visit the island in one day today and their buses apparently reach the touristic sites around 10:30am.

We go back to Remarkable Rocks, to see them with another light. Kids enjoy climbing the big rocks.

We then go back to Admirals Arch. There are even more seals than yesterday. We enjoy the spectacle.

We go back to our camping around 1pm. We decided to spend the afternoon there.

We start by eating our daily nice salad and then the kids do 2 homeschooling sessions while I work on the blog and Isabelle, on top of helping the kids, repair 2-3 broken things in the camper. We finish at 6pm. I go to the camping shop to buy meat for a barbie tonight (and ice creams for Florence, Jules and me).

We then walk the ‘koala trail’ of the camping, where we spot 2 koalas. But we spotted 5 of them in the trees in the middle of the camping. They are unfortunately so difficult to photograph.

Isabelle and I continue to walk (along the lagoon) to see kangaroos. They are not very difficult to spot; they are everywhere!

After a shower, I start preparing the dinner (at 8pm). We eat pork chops and lamb chops, with sautéed rice and green beans. I cook in the kitchen of the camping; not very “economically”: I use 2 pans, a frying pan and 4 of the gas stoves… The meat is unfortunately too cooked but we enjoy the meal. Kids love sautéed rice.

Kids are in bed by 10pm. We work till 1am.




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