Melbourne to Adelaide (13 – and last)

Sunday 28/01

We wake up at 9am. It’s very warm today.

During our breakfast, we chat with Wayne, the manager of the camping.

He organizes a visit of a (micro)brewery nearby. The tour, by the manager, is interesting. Afterwards we do a tasting of 6 of their (ale) beers. It’s not yet noon…. We also order a pizza.

It’s more difficult to organize a visit of a wine house, especially with the kids.

It’s very hot (41C).

We stop in Hahndorf. Settled in 1839 by Prussian Lutherans bravely seeking religious freedom on the other side of the world, Hahndorf is known for its original German-style architecture and artisanal food. The small town still has a strong German flavour most evident in the small goods outlets, bakeries, pubs, restaurants and cafes that line the bustling main street, which we stroll through.

Kids would like to go to the beach to cool off a bit. Since there’s nothing booked for tonight we are very flexible, which has not always been the case during our trip and which has some advantages. We decide to go to Brighton, a seaside town less than 15 km from Adelaide.

Lunch: toasts.

We go to the beach but neither the sea nor the beach nor the weather are great (the kids were expecting a beach like the one we stop yesterday before lunch).

Kids do a homeschooling session while I work on the posts.

Dinner: salad.

We work till 1am. I finish the posts of Kangaroo Island. I’ll probably reach the goal that I set: being up to date with the post when starting New Zealand (in 2 day!). I’ll indeed have less time since I’m in charge of the organization of the 6-week trip in NZ (after 2.5 months of organization by Isabelle)…


Monday 29/01 (1/2)

We wake up at 8:30am. We all slept in the camper; there was indeed a lot of wind and a bit of rain so we didn’t put up the tent. I slept with Florence upstairs. It was not the best night of the fortnight…

We are not really looking forward to this day since we have to give back the camper. So we need to put all our stuff back in our bags/suitcases, clean the camper, fill in the gas bottles… Everybody helps well and we manage to leave the camping at 11:30am. We need to give back the camper in Adelaide before 3pm.

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