Santiago (5)

Friday 20/04

Vlog by Ludivine: see below.


By me:

Wake up around 8:30am.

Homeschooling sessions for the kids.


We go and visit the Museum of the Memory, by metro. The exhibits expose the terrifying human rights violations and large-scale ‘disappearances’ that took place under Chile’s military government between the years of 1973 and 1990.

We then walk to the Artequin Museum, located in a striking cast-iron and glass structure that was once used as Chile’s pavilion in the 1889 Paris Exhibition. It’s a children’s museum showcasing a few reproductions of masterpieces from the 15th to 20th centuries, hung at children’s height. We only stay 10’ because it’s closing.

We walk to Barrio Brasil; quite disappointing.

We then walk back home.

I (finally) go to the hairdresser, for both the hair and the beard that I haven’t cut for nearly 4 months (since end of December in Sydney I think).

We use the rest of fridge as dinner for kids.

Isabelle and I go to Barrio Bellavista to dine in the Restaurante 040. Since our booking is at 10pm only, we first take a drink on a terrace of a café in the very lively Bellavista district (it’s Friday evening).

At 10pm we walk to our restaurant, located in a boutique hotel. The (Spanish) chef Barroso worked at El Bulli. This restaurant serves up a succession of inventive, technically accomplished dishes that are strongly influenced by molecular gastronomy. There is no à la carte menu but a tasting menu – both for the food and the wine. Interestingly, they also propose a “juice pairing”; I took it and it was surprising very good. Isabelle sticks to the traditional wine pairing. Another interesting thing is that we didn’t get any cutlery. All dishes were indeed served in such a way that they could by eaten by hand i.e. bite-size portions (we got a spoon for 2 of the dishes only). Without exception, the 12 dishes were an explosion of flavours and very daring combinations (see picture of the menu of the evening). They were mostly fish based. Simply delightful. After dinner, we were invited to ‘room 09’. Very intriguing again. We were led to an old fashioned elevator that took us to a bar on the roof terrace (only accessible for the hotel and restaurants guests). We didn’t stay since we were rather tired (and Isabelle had drunk enough – and I’m not even the one who said it; she did!). Overall a very memorable experience.

We came back at 1am.


Saturday 21/04 (1/2)

Vlog by Florence: see below.


By me:

Wake up around 8am.

We take a breakfast and pack our luggage. We indeed leave Chile today to go to Peru, where we will stay 7 weeks.

We order 2 Uber’s to the airport. We left the apartment too quickly, hence Isabelle couldn’t confirm the second one.

We thus all go into one car (a Rav4) with all the luggage. It is not very comfortable but the drive is short: 20’.

We fly a low cost airline (SKY) to go to Lima. We paid for 2 extra bags but they only allow us to take 7 pieces. Since we have 9 pieces, we wrap 2 x 2 of them together. It’s the first time I do this (and it seems that it is also the first time for the guy doing it…).

We eat a rapid lunch at Johnny Rockets, in the airport.

The flight duration is 3h30.

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