Santiago (4)

Wednesday 18/04

Vlog by Isabelle: see below.


By me:

Isabelle wakes up early this morning to go to her wineries tour (see her vlog above).

I stay with the kids. Ludivine still doesn’t feel well; she didn’t sleep well.

Kids do 2 homeschooling sessions this morning. I catch up with a few pending items, on my laptop as always… The good news is that I manage to book a table (in June) at Central, in Lima, one of the top restaurants in the world. Cool!

I go and buy a few things (including a roast chicken) for our salad for lunch at the nearby supermarket downstairs.

The four of us prepare a very nice salad.

After lunch (it’s already 3pm), we play ‘Loup Garou’.

After, Ludivine goes for a manicure, in a shop downstairs and I walk in the neighbourhood to find a massage but without avail. Same unlucky outcome when I go to the Mercado Central to buy fish for tonight: it is closed on Wednesday…

I go back home. Isabelle arrives a bit later; she bought a roast chicken for tonight that she prepares along with peas and round potatoes.

Isabelle reads with Jules while the girls go directly to bed (Ludivine doesn’t feel too well).

Isabelle and I then work quite late (midnight for Isabelle and 1am for me).



Thursday 19/04

Vlog by Isabelle: see below.


By me:

Wake up around 8:30am.

Homeschooling sessions for the kids, with me today. Ludivine goes with Isabelle to see some craft stores nearby. She comes back to do one homeschooling session while Isabelle continues her shopping in this “dream” street full of craft stores.

We eat a salad when Isabelle comes back.

We go to Palacio Cousiño by metro. This “shockingly lavish” palace (built around 1875) is a fascinating glimpse of how Chile’s 19th-century elite lived. Interesting guided visit.

We then walk to the ‘Paris-Londres’ district, made up of two cobblestone streets, Paris and Londres, which are lined by graceful European-style townhouses built in the 1920s. We stop at our favourite ice cream shop (Rosa) on our way back home.

We come back around 6:30pm.

I prepare pasta around 7:30pm. Isabelle and I rapidly eat with the kids before going to our “futbol” game Universitad de Chile vs. Cruzeiro.

There are many fans in the metro; they already start singing.

The stadium (capacity: 48,000 people) is nearly full. The atmosphere in the stadium is great (including a huge flag being “pulled down” from the top of the stands to the bottom). There are even fireworks outside the stadium when the teams come into the pitch. We enjoy our first experience with a South American football game. The match itself is rather dull, with both teams more interested not to lose than to win. The quality is not great either. And the final score reflects it: 0-0.

We take a Uber to come back home. There are a lot of traffic jams around the stadium. We reach the apartment at 12:30am.

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