Moscow (2)

Wednesday 19/07: Visit to Kitai-Gorod district.

In the morning: the Church of the Trinity in Nikitniki and then Varvarka, Llinka and Nikolskaya streets.

In the afternoon, Olga and Natalia (from Explorussia agency) brought us to 2 artsy spots of Moscow: Winzavod and ArtPlay.

How did we get to meet these 2 girls? Olga is the co-founder of Explorussia (, a young travel agency focusing on responsible tourism. A friend of hers is a social entrepreneur in Siberia (in Maly Turish) and so they propose on their website (as part of the Trans-Siberian trip) a 2-day visit there. That’s the reason I contacted them. Natalia recently joined the company; she was very responsive when I was trying to organize our Trans-Mongolian journey. They liked our project and asked us to meet with us while in Moscow. We had a nice lunch together in Winzavod and could hear about their views on sustainable tourism in Russia. We’ll tell you more about our trip when back from Maly Turish next week.

Winzavod is a former wine-bottling factory that has been converted into numerous (prestigious) art galleries while ArtPlay is a centre focused on modern architecture. It was a nice discovery but it’s probably more vibrant at night.


Thursday 20/07: visit of  Tverskaya district + Nikulin circus at night.

Nice walk under the sun: Bolshoi theatre, stop in a big Children’s Department Store, ex-KGB building, and then Kouznetskii Most, Kamergerskii and Stolechnikow streets.

We stopped for lunch at Fresh (a “modern gastronomic restaurant of vegetarian cuisine”). We all enjoyed a very healthy meal (and we love the motto: “Healthy is the new Sexy”).

We continued our walk: stop in Yeliseyevsky, one of Moscow’s oldest grocery stores (with dazzling interiors), visit of the Gorky House-Museum (an art-nouveau mansion designed by Shekhtel, where Gorky lived), and then Patriarch’s Pond.

During the day, we also visited some of the most impressive metro stations in Moscow: Ploshadj Revolutsii, Mayakovskaya, and Kievskaya.

In the evening, we went to Nikulin circus. Moscow being often described as the world’s circus capital, we wanted to see the ‘Moscow State Circus’. We were not disappointed; the whole family loved the show. This circus cherishes old traditions; for example a live orchestra accompanies all the performances. It was a great family evening.


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  1. genial,vous en voyez de belles choses et il est heureux que les kids apprecient
    Profitez en avant d’embarquer dans tchoutchouc
    Bisous a vous tous

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