Los Angeles (7)

Friday 29/06

Vlog by Ludivine: see below.


By me:

We wake up quite late, around 9am.

Isabelle leaves at 9:30am to Santa Monica, to attend a yoga session with Brian Kest. He’s quite famous; Isabelle listens to his tapes when she does yoga. She’s very excited to go there.

I stay with the kids. They do a short (one-hour) homeschooling session. We then walk to Santa Monica, along the beach. The weather is great. There are so many electric scooters. Like the Ofo bikes in China, thee scooters can be taken anywhere (with a mobile phone to scan the barcode) and left anywhere at the end of the ride. The 2 companies offering such scooters are LimeS and Bird. It’s so cool. The weather obviously helps the success of these companies here on the West coast; we really see them everywhere!

On the way, we also see 2 vending machines selling freshly squeezed orange juices. We buy a juice, squeezed in front of us; very good. 

We arrive near Santa Monica Pier around 1pm. Kids enjoy the nice playground in the beach.

Isabelle joins us with her Lime scooter; it’s super cool. We all try her new “toy”.

We walk to another poke place that I wanted to try: Spinfish Poke House. Very nice bowls.

We then walk back towards the beach. Isabelle goes to the Apple Store on the Third Street Promenade. The screen of Florence’s iPhone is indeed cracked (Ludivine let it fall last week, during a show at Universal Studios).

I continue my exploration of the different healthy food concepts, focusing mainly on the Poke bars. I go to Sweetfin Poke, The Hive, SweetGreen, Mainland Poke Shop and the Earthbar Ocean Avenue. 

We love this place and its vibe: the blue sky, the palm trees, the cool shops, the electrical scooters, the healthy restaurants…

Around 5:15pm, I take a Uber with the kids, back home. I stop first at the WholeFoods supermarket where Isabelle joins me with a Lime scooter. We buy a dessert to bring to Anuraag and Sayana’s place where we are invited for dinner tonight. We buy red fruits (berries) and vanilla ice cream. 

We leave the apartment around 6:15pm. We arrive at their place, in Manhattan Beach half an hour later. 

It’s so great to see them gain. Great evening. Eva, their 2.5 year old daughter is cute and super excited. Jules plays with her.

We eat a great barbecue, with splendid Tomahawk ribeye steak.

We come back home after 10:30pm. I had plan to go back there tomorrow morning at 7am (with Jules) to watch France – Argentina with Anuraag but it will unfortunately be too tight since we must be in LA (Downtown) tomorrow morning at 10am. I indeed booked a walking tour (‘Broadway Historic Theater & Commercial Walking Tour’).

I wrote the day, until 1am.

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