Los Angeles (5)

Wednesday 27/06

Vlog by Jules: see below.


By me:

We wake up at 8:30am.

Nice breakfast. We go, by car, to the GRAMMY Museum, an interactive, educational museum devoted to the history and winners of the Grammy Awards. Interesting and rather fun (kids can try different music instruments and a mike and listen to their “performance” in their headphones).

We go, by car, to the (Original) Farmers Market. It is an area of food stalls, sit-down eateries, prepared food vendors, and produce markets. First opened in July 1934, it is also a historic Los Angeles landmark and it is a very big tourist attraction.

After a short tour inside, we go to a nearby Poke bar, on foot: Sweetfin Poké, which is a chain of 9 restaurants. It’s nice; we enjoy our bowls. I walk with Isabelle to a nearby other Poké, also part of a chain: Mainland Poke Shop.

We then go for a quick tour in the Grove Mall, a very nice outdoor mall.

We then go by car to Beverly Hills. We take Melrose Avenue, on which the girls stop several times for “Instragrammable” pictures. In Beverly Hills, we walk on Rodeo Drive.

Around 5:30pm, we go to the Dodgers stadium, the stadium of the baseball team of LA: the Dodgers, which is playing against the Chicago Cubs tonight. Anuraag, one of my best friends from Insead, arranged the tickets for us and we meet him at the entrance at 7pm. It’s so good to see him; it has been too long since we last met… The stadium is impressive and there’s a great view from the top. Anuraag explains us the rules of this sport, which are totally unknown to us… It’s great to participate in such a very local experience. There’s a great atmosphere and the kids mainly love all the entertainment around the game, with all these contests on the big screens, the music… People leave their seats quite often, mainly to go and grab hotdogs, which we also do.

We stay till the end (around 10pm), to witness the victory of the Dodgers.

We take the car back to the apartment. From there, Anuraag and I take a Uber to Downtown to have a drink in a nice rooftop bar. Cool vibe. It’s great to catch up with my dear friend!

I come back around 1:30am. Isabelle is still working. We go to bed at 2am.


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