Los Angeles (3)

Monday 25/06

We wake up at 7am; it’s difficult for the kids (and for me too…).

We leave at 7:45am. We stop en route in a 7-Eleven. We buy food for breakfast (that we eat in the car before reaching the entertainment park) as well as for lunch.

We eventually reach the park by 8:30am. We are inside the park before 9am.

We start with the “star” attraction: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. There is 45’ of queue but it goes fast since there are many interesting things displayed all along the ‘path’. The ride is nice but makes us a bit sick (we are surrounded with VR screens).

Then we go to the lower section, where there are not that many people in the morning. We do the 3 rides: Jurassic Park (we are getting a bit wet), The Mummy and Transformers.

We go back up for the 3 shows: Waterworld, Special Effects and Animals Actors.

Then we go to the Studio Tour, a one-hour tram ride.

We take a break and we go back to the CityWalk, at the entrance of the park (outside), where there are also shops and restaurants. Jules takes a Ben&Jerry ice cream (8.5 $ for a scoop; that’s the record of our trip), Florence a frozen yoghurt and Isabelle, Ludivine and I a juice at Jamba Juice. We rest a bit. Jules plays in the fountains. I go and see the Poké Bar.

We go back to finish our list of activities. We walk around the Harry Potter village and then go to The Minions and Kung Fu Panda attractions. It’s the same principle: a ride where we are on a moving seat and “inside” a virtual world via a huge screen. Impressive.

It’s 7:30pm; we’ve been here for 11 hours. We are hesitating to stay 2 hours more to see the sound and light show on the Harry Potter castle but we are tired and decide to go back.

We stop at a supermarket to buy groceries. We reach home past 9pm. I prepare pasta.

Everybody is in bed by 10:30pm.

I write the day until 11:30pm.

Tomorrow, we again have to wake up early; we indeed have a call with the director of one of the schools in Brussels (St Hubert) to know whether they can accept Ludivine and Florence.


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