Galapagos – Summary

We spent 12 days in the Galapagos archipelago.


The following words are the ones we associate with the Galapagos:

sea lions, turtles, endemic, snorkeking, cruise, giant tortoises, Darwin (and its theory of evolution), iguanas, islands, volcanoes.


Our highlights / what we (all) liked the most:

  • The first panga ride of the cruise
  • The walk in Punta Espinosa, on Fernandina Island (where we saw many marine iguanas + many other animals)
  • The first snorkeling near Fernandina Island (with the marine iguanas underwater)
  • The eruption of the volcano on Fernandina Island
  • The snorkeling in Punta Vicnete Roca (with sea lions and dozens of turtles)
  • The walk on Santiago Island (where we saw the sea lion with her cub on the beach and the orcas near the coastline)
  • Diving in Kicker Rock (with the hammerhead sharks)
  • Beach in Punta Carola with the sea lions
  • Evening with our Canadian friends at their guest house (I was not there).

The following places nearly made it to the top list (short of one “vote”):

  • Giant tortoises at Rancho Primicias (missing Jules)
  • Tortuga Bay (nice beach) (missing Ludivine)
  • Sushi diner in Puerto Ayora (missing Jules)
  • Walk on Isabella Island (when we saw the flamingos (missing Cedric)
  • Snorkeling near Cerro Tijeretas (missing Cedric)


  • Isabelle, Ludivine and I enjoyed El Muelle de Los Pescadores.
  • Isabelle liked the Playa Mansa (where she did some kayaking), the Calle de Los Kioskos and the Museum of the Renewable Energies.
  • Ludivine liked the snorkeling in Las Grietas canyon (mainly the underwater tunnel) and the first snorkeling of the cruise, near Isabella (where she could dive into school of fishes and where she spotted a seahorse). She also liked the snorkeling near Santiago.
  • Isabelle, Florence and Jules liked the walk in Urvina Bay, on Isabella (where we saw giant tortoises and land iguanas).
  • Isabelle and I liked the Playa Cerro Brujo (before the dive at Kicker Rock), as well as our walk to Playa de Oro and Punta Carola (on San Cristobal Island).

What we liked less:

  • Ludivine and Florence didn’t like the lava tunnel in Rancho Primicias
  • Jules and I didn’t like the Playa La Loberia

Our general feeling:

  • Wow!!! What a place! It’s so totally different from what we know, from what we’ve seen. This is the animals’ territory. It’s such a blessing to be able to admire them in their environment, from so close; they don’t fear us.

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