Galapagos (10) – San Cristobal Island (2)

Wednesday 20/06

Vlog by Jules: see below.



By me:

We are awaken by the noise of an electrical chain saw at… 5:45am…

Around 7:30am, I go and buy some pastries at the nearby bakery (same as yesterday). I take some pictures of the many sea lions on the Playa de Oro (in town).

After breakfast, we start our walk to Cerro Tijeretas. We first stop in Punta Carola, where there are plenty of sea lions on the beach. You can’t walk on a straight line on the beach without bumping into a sea lion! I again take plenty of pictures.

We continue to Cerro Tijeretas where we see frigatebirds.

From there we go to a nice spot to snorkel. The colour of the water is beautiful. We snorkel with sea lions and turtles. It’s really amazing how playful these sea lions are. They play with our feet before we jump into the water. One of them is also trying to play with a marine iguanas; he’s biting the tail of the marine iguana who doesn’t seem very much interested…

When we leave this spot, I realize that I didn’t put the memory card in my camera! All the (hopefully) great pictures of today were in fact never taken… I’m really upset.

We go back to see the sea lions in Punta Carola but there are already much fewer…

On our way back to town, we stop at Playa Mann to have lunch in a kiosk. We eat ceviche, grilled fish and rice with chicken. Not fantastic but the setting is nice. During lunch, Florence said that what she was mostly looking forward is a “normal” schedule where, for example, she will be able to wake up at the same time every day.

We go and collect the laundry and then go back to the hotel.

After a shower, the kids do 2 sessions of homeschooling while I prepare our stay in LA (we leave the Galapagos on Friday, to LA…). It’s one of the most frustrating thing during this trip: we are never comfortable to work. First of all, since my battery died, I always have to be connected to a plug. Moreover, here, we are working on the terrace of the hotel, in the sun. When we go back inside (in the “lobby” of the hotel), we have to work with our laptop on our laps. Finally, I find it not easy to prepare a visit of a city without the physical guidebooks; Isabelle ordered the electronic versions of the Lonely Planet books but it’s definitely not as easy as with the hard copies, especially for the maps.

Around 7pm, we go and eat at Rosita. We all take the ‘today’s special’: tomato soup and grilled chicken with rice.

We come back in the hotel around 8pm.

I work till midnight. I have a flu and I don’t feel very well.

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