Galapagos (4) – Santa Cruz Island (4)

Wednesday 13/06

Vlog by Jules: see below.


By me:

I wake up at 7am. I read a bit in my bed.

Breakfast at 8:30am, in the hotel.

The weather, which has not been great since our arrival in Galapagos, is clearing up so we decide to go to Grietas. We take a boat taxi at the port (5’) and we then walk to this canyon. Las Grietas is a stretch of inland crystal clear emerald green water at the bottom of an earth fracture! It’s over 10 meters deep, 7 meters wide and 100 meters long. The brackish water is cool and very clear. There are cliffs of dark volcanic rock rising up on each side, which make a dramatic contrast against the emerald green water. We stay 45’. We swim. It’s nice although there is a bit of “oil” (sunscreen) at the surface of the water. Ludivine and I swim in a underwater rock tunnel.

On the way back, we don’t stop at the ‘Playa de los Alemanes’ (German Beach), a nice white sand beach, since the weather is not great.

It’s already 1pm; we go and eat at ‘Galapagos Deli’ (it’s the third time for the kids…).

We then go to the ‘Laguna de las Ninfas’. This lagoon is tidal and, as a place where the salt water meets the fresh water, is home to some interesting life. This peaceful lagoon has a short boardwalk path, where we can stop to take in the mangroves while looking for stingrays, baby sharks, sea turtles and other creatures sometimes spotted here. We see a big turtle and a stingray, from very close.

We go back to the hotel.

I go with Jules in town. We first go to Claro to buy a local sim card. We then go to the hairdresser. Jules would like to try a new haircut, for once; he would like very short on the sides but longer above. I cut both the beard (after 8 weeks) and the hair.

We come back in the hotel around 5pm.

I work on the blog (and Isabelle as well) while the kids do one homeschooling session.

Around 7:30pm we go and eat in the Calle de los Kioskos, where we eat the same good fish as before yesterday (Jules and Florence), a chicken skewer (Ludivine) and a lobster for Isabelle and I (plus a skewer with fish, shrimp and octopus).

I sleep alone tonight (Isabelle and I unfortunately can’t keep our triple room for this last night, so Isabelle sleep with the kids and I sleep in the other room where the double bed is not very wide…). I work till 1am. The internet connection is not great, to say the least…

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