Galapagos (2) – Santa Cruz Island (2)

Monday 11/06 (2/2)

We go on foot to Tortuga Bay. Nice path with cactuses (3km; 40′). Superb beach (Playa Brava) but apparently too dangerous to swim. We walk further, to Playa Mansa, where we can swim. The weather is better.

On the way, we see many marine iguanas, which are endemic to the Galapagos, lazing in the sun, usually together.

Isabelle rents a kayak while we take our snorkel and mask. The visibility of the water is not good (there is mangrove on both sides of the lagoon), so it’s much easier to spot marine life from the kayak. Isabelle sees a few sharks and, on her way back, a dozen sting rays.

The beach closes at 4:45pm. We walk back to the hotel.

We come back in the hotel at 6pm. We stay one hour there. Enough time for a quick (cold) shower and also to continue sorting out my pictures.

At 7pm we go and eat in the ‘Fish Fry Street’ (‘Calle de Los Kioskos’), which is closed to traffic every day from 6pm. All the restaurants propose the same menu. We take a (slipper) lobster (‘cigale’ in French) for Isabelle and me and a nice local fish (‘brujo’) for the kids. We also take skewers of octopus and shrimps. Very nice dinner.

Jules takes an ice cream as dessert (blackberry).

We are back in the hotel round 8:30pm.

Kids are tired (although they slept 11 hours last night).

We are in bed by 9:30pm and read a bit. I received the GS ‘The World Cup and Economics’ from Anuraag and enjoy reading it, as always.

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