Cuzco (6)

Friday 25/05 (2/2)

Marcos drives us to our new hotel, Ecopackers, where I booked a 6-bed dorm for us. The room is rather small (not much space left around the 3 bunk beds…) and located in the ground floor, around the internal court that is rather noisy… And, contrary to what I thought (my mistake), there’s no private bathroom…

We are starving (it’s already 2:30pm). We go to a bowls restaurant (Las Frescas) but it’s closed until Monday. We thus go to Subway, which is 50m from our hotel. Jules is happy (he loves the tuna sandwiches of Subway).

We then go and take the (10) bags that we left in our previous hotel.

We relax in the hotel, from 4 to 6:30pm.

We go and eat to Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse. We eat very well: we start with a gingery ceviche, followed by excellent meat (alpaca, lamb and steak) served on hot stones + a good mango and avocado salad. One of the best meals of the trip!

We go back to the hotel, where we go directly in our beds (at 8:30pm). It’s very noisy (music) outside but we manage to fall asleep quickly.



Saturday 26/05

We can sleep as long as we want today but we are already awake by 7am (except Florence).

We take the breakfast around 8am, in the hostel (pancake, eggs, fruit, bread and yoghurt).

We chill the whole morning. Isabelle tries to free some space on her laptop and iPhone while I try to book an apartment in Lima. Kids are on their electronic devices.

We go and eat around 2pm. We go back to the crêperie La Bo’m. Nice crepes.

We walk a bit in the San Blas district. The weather is great.

Isabelle visits the Machu Picchu Museum while I do a massage and the kids play at the hostel.

When I come back, I start sorting out my recent pictures. Quite a challenge…

We go and eat around 7pm. We go to La Bodega 138 to eat pizzas (Florence and I), pasta (Jules and Isabelle) and salad (Ludivine of course). Good dinner.

We are in bed by 9pm. tomorrow we leave at 7:30am for our last trek in Peru, a 2-day trek, to attend the Festival del Señor de Qoyllority.

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