Lima to Cuzco (9) – Ayacucho

Friday 04/05 (3/3)

We arrive in Ayacucho a bit after 6pm.

We checked in in the Hotel Sevilla, conveniently located; 2 rooms (matrimonial + triple).

It starts raining. We go to the ‘Via Via’ restaurant, on Plaza de Armas, on foot. Nice restaurant, crowded, with a small band. We try the alpaca meat, for the first time. Quite good. We also take a (trout) ceviche. Kids take a fried trout and a salad. We also take 2 good juices. Jules and Florence take an ice cream as dessert.

I work till 10:30pm.


Saturday 05/05

Vlog by Florence: see below.


By me:

We slept really badly. The width of the (matrimonial) bed is ok but the blankets don’t stop falling. We are both awake around 2am.

We wake up around 7:30am. I feel really bad; probably a small gastroenteritis.

The breakfast “buffet” is rather basic but there’s a lady cooking eggs. I can’t swallow anything (except some hot water with coca leaves.

We go for a tour of the city. We visit the market and a few churches (and the Cathedral). We also quickly visit remodeled colonial building with the courtyard transformed into little malls (with restaurants and shops).

I need a Coke; we go to Via Via.

We then go to iPeru, the tourist information, to enquire how to go to Andahuaylas. There are different options, by bus (6h) or by minibus (5h30). We opt out the night bus solution and we go and see the minibus company. We can “inspect” it and choose our seats (including the 2 ones at the front, near the driver). It’s especially important for Jules, wo didn’t have a good day yesterday to come in Ayacucho.

I go back to the hotel around 11:30am to sleep a bit (I still haven’t eaten anything and I’m very much tired; each part of my body hurts).

Isabelle eat lunch with the kids and they then come back to the hotel to do homeschooling. I sleep roughly 2 hours.

Isabelle and I then work a bit on our real estate matters (rent/sale of the apartment in Brussels and sale of the apartment in Ixelles, to finance the purchase of our future house).

We go and eat a pizza around 6:30pm. We go to ‘Mamma Mia’, in the Plaza Moré small “mall” that I mentioned above. We take 2 familiar pizzas (I feel better and I’m a bit hungry since I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday evening). Nice restaurant; the pizzas are ok (a lot of cheese).

I sleep in the triple room with the girls tonight in order to have a single bed (and hence increase the odds to have a good night of sleep after the bad night of yesterday).

Everybody is sleeping by 9pm.


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