Lima to Cuzco (3) – Huancayo (2)

Monday 30/04

I put the alarm clock at 7am.

We take a taxi to the place where Lucho told me that the ‘collectivos’ for Huayucachi leave. We want to go there to see the weekly market. It’s only 10km away.

The taxi proposes to drive us to Huayucachi (for 8 soles more, on top of the 5 soles for the ride); we accept.

The market is colourful; there’s no single tourist. I love it! The people are very friendly. Kids love the chicks. A stallholder lets us taste all the fruits that he’s selling, some of them unknown to us. We buy many different ones.

There is also a guy selling a small “device” to put on the tongue, which allows to imitate birds songs. He makes us laugh a lot.

We also buy tomatoes and avocadoes for lunch.

We take a ‘collectivo’ back to Huancayo (1 sol per person).

In Huancayo we buy breads at the supermarket and then go back home where we prepare a light and basic lunch (tomatoes, plenty of avocadoes and bread).

Kids do 2 homeschooling sessions. I spend the whole afternoon on my laptop, mainly to organize our trip in Peru. I’m getting there…

Isabelle doesn’t feel too well.

We go and eat in an Italian restaurant (‘La Italia’) near the Parque Tupac Amaru; nothing special.

Kids and Isabelle sleep by 9pm. I work till 11:30pm.


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