Valparaiso (1)

Sunday 08/04

It’s Isabelle’s birthday today!

The night was not great…

I wake up at 5:30am. Already (only…) 8 hours that we are in this bus. Still 6 hours and a half to go…

We read a bit and connect also to our 4G. I read a bit about Valparaiso and Santiago, and then write the diary.

We eventually arrive after 1pm. Nearly 16 hours!! 

We take 2 taxis to our Airbnb, located on the heights of Valparaiso. We are so happy to take a good shower.

The apartment is nice, not big (2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom), on 2 floors (even 3 if we count the terrace upstairs). It is inside a big apartments complex, with full security. The guards tell us to be very careful with our belongings in the neighbourhood. .

Around 3pm we go and eat in our nice district, full of street art.

Pablo Neruda, the famous Chilean poet, drew much of his inspiration from this port town. Dilapidated, colourful and poetic, Valparaiso is a wonderful mess.

We find a nice small restaurant with poke bowls on the menu, by chance. It has been quite a while that we haven’t eaten such bowls and we are delighted. We walk a bit and go to a supermarket (Lider) to buy fruits and vegetables to prepare our salads (for lunch) and also pasta. We go back to the apartment on foot (we take one of the steep funiculars of the city), where we chill a bit.

We drink Chilean “champagne” for Isabelle’s birthday. For dinner, I prepare pasta, and a nice red berries salad for desert.

We are in bed by 9pm! We are all very tired.



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