Torres del Paine National Park – W Circuit trek (2)

Saturday 31/03

Vlog by Florence: see below.


By me:

Wake up at 7am. Difficult to get out of our beds…

We skip the shower this morning. Nice sunrise. We leave after breakfast. It’s already nearly 9am.

The weather is good; sunny. 

We walk to Campamento Italiano. The Valle Francès, rimmed with steep summits (most of them with snow) inspires awe. It’s splendid.

Kids are walking very well. Girls are faster than us; Ludivine is always in front. Jules is as fast as us but still needs encouragements from time to time.

We eat at the Mirador Francès, from where we have a great view.

Isabelle and I continue to Mirador Britanico to see the 360 view. The kids descend alone to the Refugio Paine Grande (there are people along the track; much fewer than the day before yesterday though).

From Mirador Francès it takes us another hour. We don’t go to the Mirador Britanico itself; we stop 15′ before. We already have a pretty good view and we don’t want to come back too late to the Refugio, in order to eat with the kids around 7pm. 

We come back at 6:30pm. Our knees hurt (and my back too) but we are happy to have done it. It was a superb day. The temperature was great.

We did nearly 26km (27km as per the Health app), in 9h30 (from 9am to 6:30pm), with the pauses. 

We take a quick shower and go to eat at 7:30pm. The dinner is not as good as the previous days.

It’s not as cold as yesterday. Kids sleep by 9pm. We hardly read / write one hour more. 

Tomorrow, we have the last day of the trek: minimum 4 hours (to Campamento Grey), uphill, with the bags this time (!), with a possible 2-hour “extension” (return trip) to see a viewpoint on Glacier Grey. Isabelle and I are looking forward to seeing it but they don’t forecast good weather for tomorrow (rain starts from noon…). The good news is that tomorrow we sleep in a (nice) hotel, after 4 nights in shelters.

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