Transition day: Trip to Kaikoura (from Christchurch), with new camper

Tuesday 27/02

We wake up at 8am.

Today is a transition day. We need to leave the accommodation by 10am. We must also give back the car by 11am and take our new camper. The whole process takes until 2pm (the camper was not ready so we had to wait), including the installation of all our stuff in the new Maui camper, which is very nice. The good point is that the beds are nice: 2 quite large and the middle one easier to make, which is convenient for me since I usually work there. After this “hard” work, we have lunch at the nearby McDonald’s.

We drive to Kaikoura. It takes us 4 hours, one hour more than the normal way on the coastal road (SH1) which is closed due to the damages of the recent hurricane (the one we encountered in Motueka). From Waipara, we take the “inland” road, passing through Waiau. We see a lot of sheep. The weather is unfortunately still cloudy (light grey).

We arrive in Kaikoura around 6pm. I booked 4 nights at the Top10 Holiday Park. It’s near the beach, quite nice.

Isabelle and I go to the New World for grocery shopping.

We eat a salad for dinner.

I sleep alone in the “middle” bed tonight, which has the main advantage to get a duvet for oneself (we have one duvet per bed).


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