Waitomo Caves

Thursday 08/02

Vlog by Isabelle: see below


By me:

We wake up at 7am, to be on time at our 8am appointment, to do the ‘Lost World 4 Hours’ experience, with Waitomo Adventures.

Waitomo is indeed known for its extensive underground cave systems and there are many companies proposing exciting activities in the caves (rafting, abseiling, caving…).

After a 20’ drive in green landscape (we are not far from the Hobbit Land), we get to the place where we put our gear on (overall, helmet, boots, cave light and a climbing harness of course).

We start with a very impressive and spectacular 100m (!) abseil (rappel) descent that takes about 15 minutes. I’m impressed, once more, by our 3 kids who are rather cool in this situation. Imagine free-hanging in this massive void…bouncing a bit & turning because of the sheer length of the rope. As per their website, “it’s arguably the most spectacular abseil for initiates in the world – nothing in NZ comes close”.

Our 2 guides are good, safe, interesting and fun.

After landing in the base of this massive cavern, we start exploring the massive vaults; we see glowworms, gigantic flowstone formations and massive caverns. The pre-historic setting is spectacular.

We finish by an almighty ladder to ascent back to the surface.

We come back to the camping a bit after noon, exhausted but happy (and a bit proud, we can say it). We confirm at the reception that we are staying another night. The weather is good and our spot is good; we are too tired to move in fact.

After a salad, we spend a good afternoon, with 2 homeschooling for the kids (and Isabelle of course…) while I prepare the rest of the NZ trip. We take an aperitif during which the girls show me their ‘show’ for my birthday. We eat hamburgers (on the barbecue) with quinoa and tomatoes.

Light extinction at 10pm. I work till midnight (blog + NZ trip).

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