Melbourne to Adelaide (7)

Monday 22/01

We wake up at 8:45am.

At 10am sharp (midnight in Belgium), we have to send an email to the Assomption school for the registration of Ludivine and Florence for next year. Ludivine chooses ‘Sciences’ option, which is clearly the most difficult one. I’m glad to see that she realizes that she has to choose a good option in order not to limit her opportunities in the future. I was surprised that there’s not ‘strong maths’ option. 

We leave right after 10am.

We stop at Mount Gambier, just the time to see the Blue Lake, a beautiful crater lake which is really… blue!

We enter the South Australia State. For the first time of this world tour, we “win” time (it’s half an hour less).

Isabelle goes behind in the camper to do some homeschooling (she mainly helps Jules).

We see many dead wallabies along the road.

We stop at the seaside town of Robe for lunch. We do a barbie near the beach (lamb chops with rice and tomatoes). Florence and Jules play a bit in the sand on the nice white beach (on which cars can park). We walk a bit on the beach. 

We leave at 4pm and continue our road. 

A fun fact about Australia is that we can find fishing hooks and fishing bait (in fridge) nearly everywhere, and also in petrol stations.

We do a small detour (13 km) – the (unsealed) Coorong Scenic Drive – to see pelicans and black swans (we didn’t see the wild emus).

We spend the night in Wellington, after crossing the river on a ferry.

The camping is ok for the night. There aren’t many people. The kids enjoy playing with the dog (Rusty).

We eat a salad. The girls sleep in the tent.

We work till 1am.


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