Melbourne (2)

Wednesday 10/01

Vlog by Jules: see below


We wake up at 9:15am! We didn’t hear the alarm clock…

After the breakfast, we do the 2 sessions of homeschooling. For me, it’s again time to catch up with the posts for the blog. I have once more 2 weeks of delay…

We take the tram to the beachside St Kilda, just 6 km from the centre of town. There’s not much to do/see. We walk a bit on the pier.

We then walk to Windsor district. It’s a very nice and trendy district, mainly Chapel Street.

We take excellent ice creams at Pidapipo ice cream (I take a delicious plum sorbet).

We continue walking on Chapel Street to see the trendy bars and at 7pm, we go to eat at Sash restaurant. It’s a NYC-style Japanese concept restaurant that recently opened. Its specialty is sushi pizzas: Japanese pizzas with toppings like sashimi tuna, mango, strawberry, wasabi mayonnaise and ginger served on blackened squid-ink dough. The menu is full of beautiful and technicolour food art. We take the South-Cali poke pizza, beautifully crafted with salmon, avocado and wasabi mayonnaise and also a “shasizza” which comes with slightly heavier toppings (in our case hoisin duck, orange and ginger), on crispy gluten-free basis prepared by flattening out rice and blitzing it in the oven. It’s a bit crazy, unorthodox and… delicious.

We take the tram to go back home.

Isabelle and I work late (1am).



Thursday 11/01

Vlog by Isabelle: see below


Homeschooling at the apartment in the morning.

For lunch (around 2pm), we go on foot to one of Pokéd’s dedicated poké “stores”. Pokéd is a chain of 6 restaurants in Melbourne (and one in Sydney). They opened their first store in June 2016. We eat great poke bowls, each of us composing its own bowl (coming in 3 different sizes) as she/he pleases. We all enjoy this kind of lunch.

It confirms all the good that we thought of this concept. This food trend is one that’s good for you. People are looking for affordable, fast, healthy foods, and poké is a full meal. It’s also something people can eat two or three times a week, and it’s not restricted to one meal period (you could offer soup bowls during winter, if needed). The appeal of poke is as a salad alternative.

Moreover, the food precinct (‘The Grid’) in which this Pokéd is located (on the ground floor of the 26-level development at 567 Collins Street) is very nice. It is home to food outlets providing first-class amenity and mainly healthy food. They have managed to create an overall culinary destination.

Jules and Florence walked back home, Ludivine and Isabelle go shopping together and I go and discover other similar poké bar/restaurants.

I take the tram to Richmond. I feel that Swan Street is also starting to become trendy. The poké bar (Mahalo Poke) is unfortunately closed but I discover the very nice ‘Laneway Greens’, with great smoothies and bowls on the menu. I then stop at Messina ice cream to eventually take a pear and rhubarb scoop; I’ve been craving for it since Sidney (when I just tasted a small spoon since I was sick)! It’s so good.

We meet around 6:30pm at home.

Isabelle and I go to the South Melbourne Night Market while the kids stay at the apartment (they prepare omelets). There’s a nice atmosphere in this night market, with a lot of food trucks (and big queues). This market (organized during 8 weeks in summer) is a pop up playground of street food, market stalls and live music. We take a drink and then eat meat at one of the food truck.

We do some shopping at a nearby Woolies and we go back home with Uber.


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