Byron Bay (3)

Sunday 24/12

No homeschooling for the kids today; it’s Christmas!

We take a healthy breakfast outside; fruits and a smoothie prepared by Ludivine.

We chill a bit (I’m posting on the blog).

Then Isabelle, Ludivine and I go to town. We drop Ludivine who wants to buy books and we go and take picture of the beautiful Tallow Beach, from the lighthouse. We then walk a bit in the centre of town; Isabelle wants to buy a hat and I’d like to buy a swimmer, but we eventually don’t buy anything. We join Ludivine who found 3 books for her, 1 for Jules (the first book of the ‘Dragon Ball’ series of which we bought he numbers 1 & 3 in Tokyo) and 1 for Florence (‘Girl online’). At least we have presents for tonight’s Christmas Eve…

We come back home and eat a salad for lunch, outside.

Around 3:30pm we go to the gorgeous Tallow Beach. There’s a lot of wind (too much to play with the ball). We play in the big waves. 

Back home we start preparing all the good things we bought for dinner. We start early, before 7pm. We eat outside. It’s great. We spend a nice moment together.

We watch a movie, ‘Asterix and Cleopatra’.


Monday 25/12

Merry Christmas to everybody!

Wake up at 8am. I call my parents, busy celebrating Christmas Eve in Belgium (we have 10 hours of time difference).

Breakfast outside.

We pack everything, tidy up a bit the house and load the car (in about 1h30). Departure at 10:30am.

We have a long road today (800km with max speed limit of 100 km/h, sometimes 110 km/h).

We don’t stop much, except to eat our picnic (sandwiches).

The weather is nice until 1:30pm (time of our lunch break) but after the sky gets cloudy and we get rain! Isabelle, who got behind the wheel after lunch, gets the worst part. We nearly were out of gas (the meter indicating 0 for the number of kilometers remaining with the fuel…).

We arrive in Sidney at 8:30pm. We are surprised to arrive by the famous Harbour Bridge. Our hostel (the Sydney Harbour YHA, for the 4 first nights) is superbly located. Less than 500m away from this bridge and from the Opera House, with a nice view on the Opera House from the rooftop!

The room is not roomy (we had a 150 m2 house last night and we now have a 15 m2 room…) and we have lockers as cupboards. This is the first time we stay in a real youth hostel. It’s very convenient. Since it’s a bit late (9:30 pm), we cook the pack of pasta that we still have we us. There’s a big open kitchen, with big fridges, with stoves, all tableware and utensils. 


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  1. coucou isabelle &co

    merci pour vos bons voeux

    je devrais vraiment aller plus souvent sur votre blog (bonne resolution;-))…)…votre voyage est superbe!

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