Sunday 12/11

Breakfast at 7:30am.

Homeschooling in the morning.

We go visit Manila today, with Adeline, Miguel and Victor. We start with the Legazin Sunday Market, with small producers. We eat there, each of us choosing his/her stand.

We go to BGC (Bonifacio Global City), a financial district, and walk down a commercial street.

We then go to Intramuros the historical district of the city, the only testimony of its past. We go inside the Fort Santiago where we also visit the Rizal museum. Jose Rizal is considered one of the greatest heroes of the Philippines; he advocated for human rights during Spanish colonial rule. He was the one who led the Filipinos to start a revolution to attain freedom and to gain control of the country. 

We take a 20′ horse cart ride inside Intramuros. Kids like it.

POTUS Trump is arriving today in Manila (he was already in Tokyo while we were there). Police seems ready… We see Air Force One landing.

We go to eat in a very traditional place: the ‘Seaside Dampa Macapagal’. The concept is simple: it’s a fish market where you choose your fish, your shrimps, your crabs, your lobsters and you then go and eat them in a restaurant in the street nearby, where you can choose a different way of cooking for each ‘course’. It’s nice. Food is good and atmosphere very relaxed. We enjoy this meal.

On the way home, we go to Decathlon to buy some additional diving items (most of the dives of our world tour will be done in Philippines).




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