Sunday 17/09 (1/2)

Short flight (2h) to reach Guiling. We read guidebooks about this region where we’re going to tour for 9 days.

Transfer to Yangshuo. Beautiful road (a bit more than 1 hour), through karst landscape.

Super nice hotel. Although the previous one was not bad at all, it feels so good to be in such a nice and comfortable place. Beautiful rooms, great view and even a swimming pool! Kids are very happy! Less than 5′ after our arrival they are already in the pool.

We even take pictures of our room. We would never have thought we would start taking pictures of our hotel rooms…

Quick bite (good pizza) at the hotel.

Transport to the ‘Impressions Liu Sanjie’ show, which we attend with our Belgian friends. This light and sound show is directed by a famous Chinese filmmaker. It’s a magical show, with 600 performers on the Li River, with 12 illuminated karst peaks serving as a backdrop. We all enjoy.

We go back right after to our hotel, where I write a few posts (it’s great to have a good internet connection).

The discussion with Ludivine seems to pay off: we had a relaxing day without constantly watching Ludivine and Jules to see which one provokes the other…


Monday 18/09

No alarm clock. Nice breakfast (with pancakes and fresh juices). We enjoy this nice hotel the whole morning.

The 2 (one-hour) sessions of homeschooling are both followed by a 30’ session of swimming pool.

We eat at the hotel.

We take 2 scooters (not the electric ones, the diesel ones) to go and visit the beautiful surroundings. I take Jules and Ludivine on my scooter while Florence goes with Isabelle. We go to Fuli (it’s market day today) and Liugong.

Isabelle is initially a bit afraid, especially that the beginning is quite tough (small tracks). But she quickly feels at ease and at the end she’s very happy to have rented such scooters. Anyway, the weather is too warm to rent bikes.

Beautiful scenery. But not very photogenic I must say (light is not great and there are a lot of 2 or 3-storey (white) houses that do not fit at all in the landscape… We have to cross the Li River twice, putting our scooters on a (plastic) bamboo raft the first time and on a ferry full of schoolchildren the second time. Not that easy (these scooters are quite heavy)…

We come back at 7pm from this beautiful 4-hour tour. It was great. We all enjoyed.

I don’t feel well; I have fever. So we decide to stay at the hotel tonight (we had planned to go and see the animated pedestrian streets of the very touristy Yangshuo tonight).

We eat at the hotel. It must be the first time of the trip that we eat the 3 meals of the day at the same place.


Tuesday 19/09 (1/2)

Bad night for me. I still don’t feel well.

Isabelle goes by bike to Yanghsuo to buy medicines for me. She comes back with paracetamol and ibuprofen, and also with ginseng royal jelly.

Our Belgian ‘world tourers’ friends come and enjoy the swimming pool at our hotel. We have lunch together at the hotel (pizzas and fried dumplings).

We leave a 2pm, to Xingping (less than one-hour transfer).

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  1. Magnifiques tes photos! Je me régale. Dommage que tu sois malade. .. J’espère que la suite annonce de l’amélioration.

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