Beijing – Summary


What we liked most / our highlights (the places need the “vote” of the 5 family members to be included in this list):

  • The Great Wall
  • The Forbidden City
  • The guided visit in the hutongs
  • The Temple of Heaven Park
  • The evening in Sanlitun (drink on the terrace of Migas and pizza at Bottega)

The following places nearly made it to the top list (short of one “vote”):

  • The “Egg”
  • The Snack Street


What we liked least:

  • Of course the difficulty related to the language barrier.
  • The (too much) time in metro, which is always a bit sad (no view). However, the Beijing metro is very efficient and quite easy (everything is translated); but the walks are long in the stations themselves to change between lines.


As always, we couldn’t do / see all what we expected (and as often the restaurants where we planned to go without the kids were unfortunately the ones that were dropped from the list).

To do / visit during next stay:

  • Summer Palace (one of the 3 main tourist sites of Beijing with the Forbidden City and the Great Wall and also the highlight of our Belgian ‘world tourers’ friends)
  • Zaha Hadid’s curvy and sci-fi-like Galaxy Soho building
  • Olympic Park at night
  • White Cloud Temple (with Taoist monks)
  • Panjiayuan (flea) Market
  • One evening out in Sanlitun (without kids)
  • Restaurants: The Georg (a gastronomic fusion cuisine with a Scandinavian twist), Black Sesame Kitchen (a communal table in a kitchen with a 10-course menu) and the veggie King’s Joy.
  • Lessons of Tai chi, Chinese languages, Mah-jong, dumplings.
  • Rent a bike.

3 Replies to “Beijing – Summary

  1. Thank you for the report Cedric. I could feel the atmosphere of Beijing.
    You couldn’t visit more. It is such a huge city. It is amazing how much you could already understand from the Chinese mentality.
    Kisses from LLN to all of you !

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