Excursion to Svyatoy Nos Peninsula

Wednesday 09/08

Departure at 10am, with Alexander (Sacha) Beketov – mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide –, in his old Russian “army” van.

We drive towards the Zabaikalsky National Park NP (of which Sacha is a ranger).

Several stops en route. The place is a popular location for Russians, who come and camp here, on the shores of Lake Baikal.

Boat trip to Zmeinaya Bay, the most picturesque bay of the Chivyrkuysky (which is the northern bay formed by the Svyatoy Nos peninsula), which is also renowned for its healing hot springs. Nice scenery but the place of the hot springs is a bit too busy for us.

We went a bit farther (by boat) to enjoy a nice picnic in a quieter area.

On the way back, we swam in a quiet place.

The Lake Baikal is really magical. I’d love to come back in winter; apparently ice on the lake is transparent.

Evening: answers to my emails while Isabelle prepares the Philippines.

2 Replies to “Excursion to Svyatoy Nos Peninsula

  1. Hello, can I ask you how much was the excursion?
    I will most probably stay at the Beketov (it looks to be the only available place online for non Russian speakers) but they do not answer my emails.
    Are the excursion expensive? And is it possible to hike alone without a guide?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello,
    Sorry for the late answer. I don’t know what the cost of the excursion was since I included it in a whole package with the agency who helped me to organize our trip in Russia.
    It must be possible to hike alone without a guide in the region but you will need to organize transportation anyway.
    The scenery of the next day (in Barguzin Valley) is even more beautiful (and you hardly see anyone).

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