The day has come! Time to go…

We all put our new “uniform”.

Quick goodbye at the airport (to mamy and papy + my aunt Fabienne + Patrick, Anne-Marie and their children also present at the airport that morning) and here we go.

We are used to leaving our family and friends for long periods of time but this time is a bit special though…

We flew from Brussels to Moscow. Probably not the most difficult part of our trip… 😉

6 Replies to “Departure

  1. Uniforme!!!! Ça me rappelle tes 500 t-shirt avec logos imprimés à l envers que tu as mis….. une bonne partie de ta vie !!! CSD?
    Je vous embrasse…
    Cécile très épatée par la taille de vos valises.

  2. Supers photos, tous très heureux de partir dans vos beaux uniformes.
    Bisous et bon départ pour l’aventure et la découverte de beaux pays.

    1. I had you and your family on board of your flight from Brussels to Moscow.What a nice family you where with very well educated and polite children.I wish you all the luck of the world on this trip with a lot of unforgettable experiences.It will be 100000 times better then school for the kids.Safe trip
      Christine van de loock
      Purser of your Brussels airlines flight

      1. Dear Mrs. van de loock,
        Thanks a lot for your lovely message. You saw our kids from a positive angle mainly because you treated them so nicely during the flight… 😉
        Thanks again for your good care. And thanks for the (many) chocolates. We’re still enjoying them very much, sparingly!
        Best regards,
        Cedric & Isabelle

  3. I am in awe. You guys are the best. Such an inspiration. I sure wish I could do a round the world with my kids. This will be the best education you can give them for sure. Geography, culture, language, you name it. Have a wonderful time. Will try to follow.

  4. Quelle belle famille souriante! Beau voyage rempli de découvertes! Prenez soin de vous! Je vous suivrai.

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