We are about to go!!!

I just wanted to share some pictures of the last 6 months. We’ve had a lot of things to prepare / to think of. Isabelle started with the blog (see also separate posts regarding the brainstorming for the name and for the logo). Here’s a list of some of the other things we’ve had to focus on: home schooling for kids, itinerary of world tour, immunizations, visas (we got the visas for our 3 first countries, which are the most difficult ones: Russia, Mongolia and China), stuff to bring with us… We even printed T-shirts, polos and caps with our logo! And the kids passed their PADI to dive with us in Philippines and Australia!

As you can see, it was quite a challenging period…

2 Replies to “Preparation

  1. Waw!
    Les globe-trotters (dont je suis…) vous suivront avec intérêt et … envie!!
    La préparation , c’était déjà la 1ère étape du voyage…!!
    Bon vent à ts les 5


    1. Merci pour votre message! J’espere que tout se passe bien pour vous. Nous sommes actuellement aux Philippines, ou nous nous reposons en peu apres un debut de voyage assez “speede”. On en profite a fond en tout cas.

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