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Here is the first picture of our adventure! It is the result of our intense and passionate brainstorming session to find a (catchy) ‘name’ for our world tour. As you can see, the whole family was involved (and happily participated).

It has been a few weeks that we wanted to find such ‘catchphrase’ for our world tour. Isabelle eventually put (rightly) some pressure since she wanted to start our website, and the very first piece of advice given to the novices to create a travel blog is to pick a good travel blog… name

Lots of ideas were put on the board, such as: ‘Tomorrow Together Tour’, ‘Awakening to Tomorrow Tour’, ‘Exploring Tomorrow’s World’, ‘Discovering Tomorrow Together’, ‘Tomorrow Citizens Tour’, ‘Turning Toward Tomorrow Tour’, ‘Get Ready for Tomorrow’s World’, ‘Destination Tomorrow’, without forgetting of course the more obvious ones such as ‘YOLO’, ‘Trip of a Lifetime’…
They nearly all of them included the word ‘Tomorrow’ since one of the most important aspirations we have is to awake our kids to the opportunities that they will have as adults. A bit ambitious… but it’s always better to set the bar high. And we truly believe that it’s important for our kids to become (even more) global citizens and to know what’s “cooking” in other parts of the world.
The word ‘Together’ was also often present. It is indeed important for us to be together for a year, after these 5 hectic years (professionally speaking) in Saudi Arabia.
And the winner is… GIFT World Tour (‘GIFT’ standing for ‘Getting Inspired For Tomorrow’). Not only we find this slogan catchy but it could also help us to come up with a nice logo (if needed). And it catches another important aspect this trip: it’s a gift we offer for the 5 of us, not only for our kids but also for us, parents! It will be so cool!!!

I must admit that the process was easier than I initially thought. In one hour we got this slogan. Good start for our one-year trip, during which compromises will be key factors for a successful experience!

(To be continued…)

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  1. Je vous souhaite une belle aventure ! Qu’elle soit source de grands et petits bonheurs et de découvertes magiques ! “Monsieur Nicolas”

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