Valparaiso (5)

Thursday 12/04 (1/2)

We wake up a bit after 8am (with the alarm clock).

I prepare a “fruity” breakfast (with even strawberries and pineapple this morning) while the others pack their bags. We are leaving Valparaiso today, for Santiago.

Kids start a homeschooling session. Isabelle goes with Jules (who is happy to go anywhere to skip one working session…) to visit the house of the famous local poet, Pablo Neruda.

Ludivine continues to work on her French essay while Florence reads (she’s pretty much done with her academic programme). I work on the blog. It’s always the same when we have a good connection after a few days on the road (in this case it was 2 weeks without posting on the blog): I’m catching up, posting 2 (or even 3) posts a day.

Around 12:30pm, I go and take a few pictures; the weather is indeed excellent. I enjoy this maze of steep, sinuous streets, alleys and stairways piled high with crumbling mansions, on the steep colourful ‘cerros’ (hills), leading to ubiquitous street art.

I come back by 1:30pm. We eat a salad and we go to the bus terminal (Isabelle and Jules by taxi, with all the luggage and the girls and I take the bus that passes just in front of the door of our residential complex). At the bus terminal (‘rodoviario’), we immediately have a bus to Santiago. It takes 1h30 (and cost 3,000 pesos per person; 1,000 pesos = 1.3 Euro).

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