Southern Scenic Route (second part: from Invercargill to Queenstown)

Thursday 08/03

Vlog by Isabelle: see below


By me:

Wake up at 8:15am.

We take our breakfast a bit further, in front of a surfing beach.

We drive the whole Southern Scenic Route, to Queenstown passing by Te Anau. It’s a nice road.

From Kingston, the lakeside drive to Queenstown is a stunning, winding road. It follows Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables mountain range.

The arrival in Queenstown is beautiful, under a great sun.

We take out all our stuff from the camper.

The Airbnb is fantastic, definitely in the top 3 of the Airbnb’s we’ve done so far, if not number one. It’s big and very comfy. It is also ideally located, with view on the Wakatipu Lake.

I go and return the camping car (the Maui office is located near the airport). We drove 2,000 km during these 10 days with the Maui camper.

I also do a big New World. I come back in “taxi” (‘Take me’, a rival of Uber).

Kids do one homeschooling session.

We eat a roasted chicken with potatoes and apple sauce.

Kids read in bed until 10pm. Isabelle and I work late (12:30am for Isabelle and 2am for me). Isabelle books hotels in Chile and I prepare the activities in Queenstown. Queenstown is really the capital of the outdoor activities. I’m struggling to choose the activities we’re going to do.

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