Lima (6)

Tuesday 05/06

Vlogs by Isabelle (about her trip to see the famous Nazca lines): see below. First the trailer, then the full movie.


By me:

We start working around 9am.

After 2 homeschooling sessions, we eat a salad and we then go out; we walk to another Pinkberry near Kennedy Park.

On our way back, we buy salt, avocado and water.

Ludivine and I work during the afternoon while Jules and Florence play (together) on their iPads. Like yesterday, Florence helps her sister to study Dutch.

I prepare pasta for dinner, at 8pm

We play a few rounds of Loup Garou.

I wait for Isabelle, who comes back after 12am. She’s very happy about her trip to Nazca (see separate vlog, above).



Wednesday 06/06

Vlog by Jules: see below.


By me:

We wake up around 8am.

After breakfast, we have a phone call with one of the directors of Bois Sauvage, a private school in Brussels that could be a solution for Ludivine to help her prepare her “jury” exam (CE2D). She could study there during the month of August; it would mean coming back to Brussels 2 weeks before us and also missing her summer camp near Chicago. But it seems a good solution for her, to catch up a bit and to be better prepared for (some of) the exams of the CE2D. The person we speak to sounds very professional, like their website. We are convinced it’s a good solution.

Kids do 2 homeschooling session and we then eat a salad (around 2pm).

Isabelle, Ludivine and I continue working the whole afternoon while Jules and Florence chill.

Around 7pm, I go with the kids to take away burgers for them. Isabelle and I go out tonight.

We go and eat at the Maido, one of the best restaurants in the world (#8 as per the ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ ranking). It’s walking distance from the apartment.

We take the inventive tasting menu, which is a colourful journey through Nikkei cuisine; we receive 11 dishes of Peruvian-Japanese bites (see picture of the menu). We are seated at the sushi counter.

What an incredible meal and a great experience!

We come back around 11pm.



Thursday 07/06

We wake up around 7am.

Still the same programme: breakfast, 2 homeschooling sessions and a salad for lunch. It’s the 5th day in a row with the same programme; we haven’t gone much out of the apartment…

We spend the afternoon in front of our laptops for Isabelle (US trip mainly) and me (blog and also some preparation for the programme of the last 2 days in Lima since we still want to see / do a few things). Ludivine keeps on her good pace (4 homeschooling sessions per day, including quite a lot of Dutch).

Around 5pm, I go with the kids to buy bread (and also an ice cream for Florence and Jules). On our way back we also buy some vegetables (avocados, tomatoes and carrots), fruits and water.

Kids eat bread with cheese and charcuterie; Isabelle and I go and eat with Gisela (Anne’s friend; we left our luggage in her house last month before leaving to Cuzco).

We spend a cool evening, in a nice restaurant. Gisela’s husband joins us during dinner. They are both very interesting (and also very much interested in our trip). We love to spend time with people living where we travel.

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