Lima (5)

Saturday 02/06 (2/2)

We take a Uber Van to the apartment, which, by chance, is in the same street as our previous Airbnb in Lima!

We arrive there at 4:30pm. The apartment is spacious (3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets), very modern with a nice open kitchen (with plenty of utensils, which is not always the case in Airbnb’s) and also a big table (which is good after the small tables of the last 2 Airbnb’s). It’s also very clean and with all amenities (we have 12 towels, e.g.; and they are thick…).

In fact, although I found this apartment on the Airbnb site, I didn’t book it through Airbnb. Indeed, when I contacted the owner to get a discount, which I nearly systematically do, she answered that she could offer such discount if I contacted her directly, i.e. without passing through Airbnb (and hence without incurring the Airbnb charges). With her name and surname, it was easy to find her on the web; it helped me to save 100 Euro (and it was better for her too).

Isabelle and I go to Vivanda supermarket, a nice upscale supermarket that we discovered (late) during our last stay in Lima. We found nice stuff.

We come back to the apartment (by taxi) around 7pm.

Isabelle prepares a nice dinner (pork chops with apples and small potatoes) while I cut the chicken that we bought for the (lunch) salads.

The kids and Isabelle sleep by 9:30pm. I work until midnight. I’ve posted 9 posts on the blog in the last 4 days. I’ll try to keep on with this pace during the whole week we’re spending in Lima. I need to catch up because after I have the impression that the pace of our trip will accelerate, with the Galapagos and the US where Isabelle is preparing a very busy programme, for which I also have to prepare the tentative programmes for the cities, starting with LA, SF and LV. I have friends who I’d like to see in LA and SF, so it needs to be well coordinated.



Sunday 03/06

I wake up quite late: 8:45am; everybody is already awake.

Usual ‘Airbnb’ morning routine: breakfast, 2 homeschooling sessions (kids working alone since Isabelle is busy booking hotels in the US). Between the 2 sessions, I go with Florence and Jules to buy doughnuts at Dunkin’ Donuts, just in front of the Airbnb.

Then salad for lunch.

Ludivine continues to work while Florence and Jules chill. Isabelle and I work on our laptops.

Around 4:30pm, I go and take away sushis for tonight, in a nearby Japanese restaurant. We have been craving sushis for some time. While they prepare my order, I go and walk a bit in Kennedy Park, where people are dancing in the middle of the park, while others are exchanging Panini stickers in another part of the park. I also go to Metro supermarket to buy a few things that we couldn’t find / forgot at Vivanda yesterday.

The weather is not great. Like yesterday, the sky is completely white. It even rains in the evening.

We eat the excellent sushis and then play Loup Garou while eating blueberries for dessert.

Kids are in bed by 9pm.

Isabelle goes to bed not too late because she needs to wake up very early tomorrow: she has a bus to Nazca at 6:30am. She indeed wants to go and visit the Nazca lines. The kids and I were not that interested; moreover we’ll glad to rest (and catch up with the blog + prepare our stays in the US cities, for me) in this nice Airbnb after this tiring trip in the Andes.

I work till 12:30am.



Monday 04/06

Isabelle wakes up at 5am. Her bus to Nazca leaves at 6:30am

I start the 2 homeschooling sessions with the kids. Florence started Latin a few weeks ago and I try to help. I think the last time I did some Latin was more than 30 years ago. But it surprisingly comes back (I wouldn’t say easily but still).

We eat a nice salad for lunch, as usual.

The afternoon, Ludivine and I work (I help her with her maths) while Florence and Jules chill. Around 5pm, we go to Larcomar shopping mall to eat a Pinkberry frozen yoghurt. We also buy good bread, cheese and charcuterie for dinner.

Nice dinner around 8pm.

Kids are in bed around 9pm. I continue working until 1:30am.

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