Los Angeles (6)

Thursday 28/06

Vlog by Isabelle: see below.


By me:

I wake up at 8:15am. Isabelle is already awake since 7:30am.

After a nice breakfast, we pack our bags. We put everything in the car (which we can leave in the parking until 4pm) and take a Uber to ‘The Little Bear’, a cool Belgian brewery in Downtown LA. We arrive just in time to watch the start of Belgium – England, with Anuraag. It’s the first time I don’t really want Belgium to win…

We watch the game, without much passion. We eat there (burger, salad, soup and… Belgian fries).

As soon as the game is over (with a third consecutive win for the Red Devils), we take a Uber to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, where we want to participate in the guided tour at 1:15pm. We arrive just in time.

The tour is quite short (1 hour); we are lucky to be able to go inside the main (and only) concert room, which can seat 2,250 people and whose organ has more than 6,000 pipes.

The building itself, designed by Frank Gehry, is impressive, with its curving stainless steel skin.

After this visit, we go to the nearby MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). It’s deceptive (at least for the kids and me). We don’t stay very long.

We then walk back to the apartment to take the car and drive to a new Airbnb for the next (and last) 4 nights in LA. It is located in Venice Beach. It takes us 45’ to reach the apartment, where we arrive around 5pm.

It’s small but ok; the location is great: close to the sea and close to the cool Abbot Kinney Boulevard (a mile long stretch of popular shops, restaurants, and galleries located in the Southern Part of Venice).

We go for a walk (without Jules, who prefers to stay in the apartment). We take Abbot Kinney Boulevard – nice shops, including a very good nice cream one – until The Venice Beach Boardwalk, where the atmosphere is really relax. The girls love the vibe of the place (although it’s rather “popular” according to me).

We come back home around 7pm. I prepare a salad.

Kids are in bed by 9pm.

Isabelle and I work late (12am for her and 1am for me).

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