Valparaiso (2)

Monday 09/04

We wake up at 8am, with the alarm clock. What a good night!

After a great breakfast with plenty of fruits, kids do 2 homeschooling session, while I post (Easter Island) for the first time in more than 2 weeks. Isabelle takes care of the laundry. Not a small task after these last 8 days…

We eat a salad for lunch.

Contrary to the weather forecast, the weather was not good this morning but the sun is arriving. Around 4pm, we go out. Weather is nice, but not warm. I’ve been a bit sick for the last 4-5 days. We walk along the Avenida Alemania – from where we have nice views of the city – to the ‘Open sky museum’, a labyrinth-like collection of outdoor murals painted in the 1990s by various Latin American artists. We see the colourful, clifftop homes for which Valparaiso is known.

We continue our walk; we do a loop and we arrive in our district where we eat, around 7:45pm (which is early here), in a nice local restaurant, Café Vinilo. We each take a different dish (but they are all local dishes).

We come back home at 9pm and kids go directly to sleep.

Isabelle and I work on our laptops. I finish at 1am.

In 2 days (today and yesterday), Jules lost his 2 last teeth.

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