Queenstown (5) – Rest days

Thursday 15/03

Wake up around 8am. We stay in bed till 9am, discussing about the future (when back in Belgium).

After breakfast, the kids do 2 homeschooling sessions (Florence even starts Latin). Isabelle works on our future flights (from Peru to US, via the Galapagos) and I work on the blog.

Salad for lunch.

Afternoon free, which means we are all on our devices. We stay home, enjoying the nice (gas) fireplace.

We finish the pizzas of yesterday as aperitif.

We then go to the ‘Minus 5°’ Ice Bar. We put warm clothes but we all take a jacket and a pair of gloves from the bar cloakroom; the kids put also the boots from the bar. It’s a nice and small bar, with ice furniture and beautiful handmade carved ice sculptures. Music is good. We drink in ice glasses. The temperature is -10°C. We don’t stay longer than 30’. We all enjoyed. We buy rubber moulds to make this ice glasses in the freezer.

We go back home for dinner. We eat the rest from the fridge, i.e. sole fish with sautéed rice.

We watch (half) of the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’. We have a nice curved television in the apartment. It’s nice to see the great sceneries of NZ in the movie, we’ve seen many of them.

I continue working on the blog – I’m nearly up to date (which was my target before leaving NZ) – while Isabelle calls Sophie to share their NZ experiences.


Friday 16/03

Tour of the Airbnb apartment by Ludivine: see below.

Kids start homeschooling at 10am this morning. They do 2 sessions.

I prepare the excursion of tomorrow (the weather forecast is sunny): probably Glenorchy, Arrowtown and Wanaka. Either by car or by scooter (but I doubt we can be 3 on one scooter like in Philippines…).

I go to town. I book a car (at Apex), a Rav4 from 8am tomorrow (in Queenstown centre) until 10am on Sunday (at Queenstown airport). I do also some grocery shopping (at Four Square): mainly fruits and some vegetables. Not too much since we are nearly gone…

We prepare a good salad.

Afternoon free, mainly in the apartment despite the very nice weather outside.

At 7:30pm Isabelle and I go to town, which is very nearby (5’ on foot). I first buy a pair of gloves (for our treks in Chile and Peru). Isabelle went earlier on this afternoon to buy pairs for her and for the kids.

We then go to Ferg Burger, to take away the burgers and fries that I ordered by phone, which enable us to skip the (permanent) long queue. The famous Fergburger has become a tourist attraction in itself; they are opened 21 hours a day, 7 days a week! They do high-end, inventive burgers. We go back home and enjoy them quite a lot; kids as well. Both burgers and fries are very tasty (and big!).

We try our new ice glasses for a gin & tonic.

We watch the second part of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’.

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