Melbourne to Adelaide (5) – Great Ocean Road (5)

Saturday 20/01

Vlog by Florence: see below.


By me:

Kids do 2 sessions of homeschooling in the morning.

We eat our usual salad for lunch.

The weather is not great. We stay in the camper.

We only go to town (10’ on foot), to buy an ice cream for Ludivine and Florence.

We do some chillaxnet time in the camper.

Around 7:30pm I go and take away pizzas in town. They are not great.

After dinner we decided, strongly encouraged by Isabelle, to try our luck and to go and see the sunset over the Twelve Apostles despite the weather. What a great initiative! The light is superb, ranging from orange to red, passing by pink. We even have a beautiful rainbow. What a spectacle!

Back in the camping, Isabelle and I work till 1am. The 2 girls sleep in the tent.


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