Drive back from Ust-Barguzin to Ulan-Ude

Friday 11/08

Departure at 9am.

Same minibus as the one we had to come here, with a new French-speaking guide, Natacha, who speaks very fast.

Quick shopping in supermarket of Turka. Very nice stop (1h30) on superb beach (with clear water). Then, picnic in minibus.

Long road back to Ulan-Ude + 2-hour detour to see the datsan (monastery) of Atsagat, located in a nice setting.

We came back around 5pm. We stayed for 2 hours at the apartment. Kids were happy to get internet after this 3-day interruption!

Then pizza in an “Italian” restaurant. Seeing that we were struggling with the waitress for the order, a Russian (customer) girl proactively came to help us. This is not the first time random people come to us to help when they see that we need help (while people in the execution of their duties are usually rather unhelpful and unpleasant).

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      1. Absolument! Je garde un œil sur vos déplacements et blogs. Carine et moi préparons une aventure semblable, mais abordée différemment. Nous aurons beaucoup à apprendre de vous. Bonne route!

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